Alternative energy, biomass Enderby BC in the beautiful Okanagan

Below are some photos and diagrams of a woodgas /biomass generator Paul built in 2007 to power a 1979 Ford F100. The entire project was documented to help any others that would be interested in this old technology that allows a car or truck to be driven solely on wood chunks- no petroleum.

It's a lot of fun to drive!

Many miles have been driven in that biomass fueled truck with Birch and Douglas Fir chunks.Although the truck was built in Pemberton we moved it here to Enderby BC in the Okanagan and placed the woodgas generator on a 1982 ford truck with upgrade such as a functioning cooling rack integrated into the side racks on the flat deck and a better throttle/air linkage system.

The wood gasifier a usable alternate energy produces a carbon neutral fuel of aprox 15-17% each of CO and Hydrogen with a little methane and the rest in nitrogen.

The diagram to the right shows a cutaway of the woodgasifier and the different zones that make up the system.The wood chunks are loaded in from the lid on top in the bunker zone.The fire is lit down at the nozzles in the oxidization zone and the draft from the engine pulls the fire downward while the heat from the oxidization zone pyrolizes the wood in the pyrolisis zone and converts the solid wood into a gas which is chemically reduced in the reduction zone(1000 deg Celsius)into the usable gasses Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide.

We hope you enjoy these youtube videos,some made a few years ago and a couple more recently,there are 8 in total.

Wood Grind
Wood optr